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Information Security Assurance Services Ltd. (ISAS) is a consultancy company dedicated to delivering the highest calibre of Information Security and Data Protection advisory and support services to its clients.

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About ISAS

The menus across the top of the page will tell you more about us. The About menu will tell you more about the background and the people. The Assessments menu reflects assignments where the current status of an organisation can be ‘benchmarked’ against an appropriate standard. The Solutions menu on the other hand sets out the more typical interventions we are retained to make in order to improve either the security of systems or compliance with data protection legislation.

This mix of work is mutually reinforcing – when undertaking Assessments our recommendations are realistic because we have actually implemented them when delivering Solutions on other assignments. Solutions implementations are, in turn, informed by an understanding of an overall information security or personal data protection standard that we use in Assessments.

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Principal Sectors Served

Public Sector

"ISAS has extensive experience within the public sector for both ICT Security and personal data protection assignments."

Financial Services

"The financial services sector has to put particular emphasis on both ICT Security and personal data protection in particular. Many of the players in the sector have turned to ISAS for their professional assessment of their exposure."

Regulated Entities

"Regulated entities often have direct contact with the general public and consequently need to be particularly careful of how they handle personal data as well as course of ensuring the security of their ICT systems."

Fintech Startups

"Financial Technology startups need to be able to demonstrate the security of their ICT systems for not only their own Boards and top management, but increasingly for external stakeholders."