Ethos & Principles

The ethos of ISAS, and a key factor of its success to date, is its independence from any manufacturer or supplier of Information Technology products. ISAS is not a development house or systems integrator and therefore is completely trusted by its clients to provide transparent and independent recommendations and advice when it comes to Information Technology investment decisions.

All ISAS team members spend time with the founders and key staff members to ensure a consistency in our approach and philosophy when it comes to our customers and their Data Governance.

One of our base principles is that of appropriate levels of Information Security based on an organisation’s risk appetite and regulatory environment. Security for the sake of security alone is of no value and will often lead to the creation of “Shadow IT” systems. Our architects and strategists ensure that security is “right sized” and not excessive.

The ISAS team meet on a regular basis to affirm these principles and participate in active debate! At other times, ISAS is an organisation that utilises collaboration and information sharing technologies, in a secure manner, to make sure all ISAS team members have access to each other for expertise and knowledge sharing.