Gap Analysis

ISAS commonly undertake an analysis of an organisation's current situation against an appropriate benchmark to assess the organisation's current status. From this, we can develop a sustainable and pragmatic programme to close any gaps identified. The Solutions menu identifies many of the areas where we often play a part in delivering just that.

Information Security

"Information Security" is the term most commonly used to describe the controls around your Information and Communications Technology systems (ICT) that protect your organisation's digital information assets. ISAS can assess your current posture against a number of standards, most typically ISO27001, to identify opportunities to strengthen your position and deal with any risks in your environment.

Information Security

Data Protection

"Data Protection" is the term most commonly used for the governance of personal data to ensure that an organisation can comply with all the relevant legislation at a minimum (e.g. the GDPR or ePrivacy) or even exceed it to offer customers additional assurance as to the safety of their personal data.

Data Protection

Records Management

Many organisations are taking a more structured approach to the management of their “records”. This can be for reasons of regulatory compliance, corporate reputation or indeed because there are clear business benefits to being able to release the data captured in dispersed records stores for future business development. ISAS can assess current practices against recognised standards (e.g. ISO 15489). This will produce a roadmap that points out the practices and principles that need to be developed to achieve a more structured approach to the ownership of key records.

Information Management


ISAS are specialists in the security of all forms of data and are trusted advisers to Boards, Risk committees and senior management in many sectors to provide an objective assessment of an organisation's status.

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